Nationwide Microbank – Banking : Papua New Guinea


MiBank (formerly known as Wau Microbank) is the largest micro finance institution in the South Pacific. The Bank delivers modern, affordable savings and loan products to ordinary Papua New Guineans, from a network of 12 branches throughout the nation. Our mission is to furnish financial services to micro and small businesses and ‘bank the un-banked’. We currently manage depositor’s funds in excess of K70 million Kina with over 100,000 customers.

MiBank offers passbook savings accounts to all types of clients: Self help groups, wage/salary earners, individuals, groups, associations, registered businesses and registered companies.


MiBank offers various types of loans:

Speed Loans (borrow up to 90% of deposit).
Payroll Loans (for govt. employees on Concept Payroll).
Microfinance Loans (for existing small businesses).
School Fee Loans.
Business Loans.
MiBank Vehicle Loan.